In my family we have a secret.
My sister and I have always had issues with joint pains and injuries that take too long to heal.
Over the years the pains have become worse. Now we are both in our late 50’s; we still struggle with this problem.
It was only recently my sister was speaking with a MD friend and after due consultations she was told she had a growth hormone deficiency.
I had never heard of this, so I began to do some research to find out more about this . . . Human Growth Hormone.
Armed with with my laptop and my cat,kaffe sitting beside me I began my learning process.
I learnt a lot for almost 2 years and I will be sharing all I have learnt about how HGH affects Bones.
HGH means Human Growth Hormone.
It is a very vital Hormone in the body. It helps to activate the repairs, regeneration and growth of our body cells.
This Hormone is important because it connects to all parts of the human body.
HGH is secreted into the bloodstream from the Pituitary Gland in our brain.
It then flows into the Liver which converts it into a growth factor. HGH controls most of the vital organs in our body like the Heart, Bones, Brains and Liver.
The Pituitary Gland releases proteins into our body, but as we grow older it decreases, which was the issue my sister and I had.
As HGH starts to decrease because of aging, injuries take longer to heal.
This is the exact opposite in children.
Their Bone Cells grow rapidly. This explains why a child recovers from Injuries and Fractures faster than an adult.
This is why HGH supplements are used to increase bone cell formation(osteoblast).
Cartilages are made up of tissues called Chondrocytes. This helps with bone formation. Because of HGH it is stimulated to undergo several division and multiplication.
HGH supplements also help in the healing of fractures and injuries sustained by Adults.