As helpful as HGH supplements are, they too have side effects.
There have been several cases of patients abusing HGH supplements.
You must seek professional advice before attempting to use any drug.
HGH is a powerful substance and can permanently damage or disable your body.
The major issue with HGH is the inability to control the rate at which the drug is being abused by users.
Even though HGH supplements are not illegal, it is illegal to purchase the medication without a doctor’s prescription.
HGH can be prescribed by a certified doctor if the client has been tested to have growth hormone deficiency.

The side effects of abusing this drug are;
● Diabetes
● Cardiovascular disease
● Muscle and joint pain
● Hypertension
● Abnormal growth of organs
● Severe arthritis; pains in the bones and also having thin, porous and very weak bones.

There are many other side effects, that have been properly documented.
While HGH products are considered safe, finding the optimal dosage is a challenge.

I tried HGH products at one time, and found that the side effects I experienced were not worth taking the HGH products.
I experienced fluid retention, and growth of facial hair. Until scientists find the optimal dosage of HGH products, I will keep that supplement in the back of the medicine cabinet.

Some people have had fantastic results with this hormone, and they are lucky they can tolerate this product.
Tampering with the hormone levels in the body is risky, at best, and while the negative effects of HGH products is reversible (except for the bone growth), this drug can be a risk to take.
I decided to age naturally, and just eat a balanced diet with lots of fresh air and exercise to retard the aging process.
No one can live for ever, and while none of us wants to experience the limitations that aging imposes, staying fit and eating well will keep the debilitating effects of aging further in the distance.
There are many stories of people who have abused this supplement with disastrous consequences.
Do not abuse any drugs.
Seek Medical Advice and Eat Right. May the Force be with you .